About guesthouse

Guest House is an afordable inn for backpackers and travelers.

You can save your money and it has a variety of ideas that is different from the business hotels and inns in order to encourage the exchange with other guests and staff.

For example, minimise the individual area and ample common area's faacilities

Individual area meaning bed is bascally to sleep in a dorm so it only has minimum content.,

Common area which includes living room and kitchen and shower room has more services such as lending equipments.

Amenities such as towels and toothbrush, for long-term travelers are usually able to bring, it has become a separate fee.

The best part of staying in the guesthouse is meeting new people in the livingroom so if you need privacy in a private room, it might not be suitable.

That said, if you can have fun that suit the guesthouse style, you'll be able to make the greatest memory.

We look forward to have guests who has never stayed at a guesthoust.

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