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This guest house was renovated during Japanese high economic growth period.

Very convenient for transportation. You can access easily to all of Key station of Osaka Traveling such as Tennoji Station, Shin-Imamiya Station and metro Dobutuen-mae Station.

If you go up to the roof with effort, you can enjoy a great night view , such as Mega Don Quixote which is the good shopping place and Tsutenkaku which is the symbol tower of Osaka in Shinsekai Area.

Here, share rooms and private rooms are available. There is also a long-term stay floor for the working holiday people and language learning people.Long-term guests are enjoying communication with travelers.

In the living room, to support communication and making friends with each other, some games and guidebooks, bilingual comics, and party goods are equipped.

Travellers are chatting happily and sharing food and drink each other. On the day of the special holiday, we sometimes have the parties.

Look of the Peace House

Please refer to the fun atomosphere by the pictures and posts.

Common facilities

Living room, Shower room, Free tea/coffee corner, Kitchen, Laundry, Iron

Locker, Washlet, Smoking area outside the building

Wifi, computer, games, comics, books, stationary


Rental bikes, Retal towels, Tooth brash for sale


1-3-2 Taishi, Nishinari-ku, Osaka, 557-0001


It's 30 sec walk from exit 2 of Subway Dobutsuenmae Station

It's 3 min walk from JR Shinimamiya station and 6 min walk from Nankai Shinimamiya station

About the guesthouse stay

Check in 15:00-24:00 Check out 11:00

There's no parking at our guesthouse so please use the coin parking lot near by

Near by Parking Lot

We welcome family with children

Our guesthouse has dorms so pets are not allowed

Please check our cancellation policy for cancellation. Cancellation fee will occur if it's cancelled within 1 week of your reservation date.

We do not allow the people who's not staying to the bed rooms. For the living room we limit our visiter until 9:30pm for security reasons.

During peak season, we might have to ask you to move to another room.


10 Bed Dorm 2,200yen per person for 1night (Devided by curtain, not door)

Small Private Room (For 2 people) 5,000yen per room for 1night


Please pay us in cash with Japanese Yen

It's possible to pay with a credit card, however there'll be 4% process charge


Reservation from the availabilityReservation from the plan listBooking check/ cancellation screen

Contact in English

e-mail:peacehouseosaka3@gmail.com TEL:090-9866-2643

Contact in Japanese

e-mail:yumirin3@gmail.com TEL:090-9866-2643

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